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Chocolate mud and Cleaning up

What’s better than getting filthy dirty? How about chocolate delicious dirt? And then getting to clean it all up afterwards with water and bubbles! I certainly didn’t come up with this idea myself but thought I would share our photos because Lexi loved it.

This activity ticks so many boxes - imaginative play, messy sensory play, fine motor skills, it can even be noisy play with all the animal noises. It is also great for kids of all ages to get involved, we had two year olds and a ten year old and they all had fun.

1. Make Chocolate Mud

This can be chocolate pudding from a box, or for a healthier version, try blitzing cocoa, peanut butter and bananas and even adding a touch of honey if it needs to be sweeter. You could throw anything in really, as long as it is a brown sloppy mess.

2. Set the Scene

This is the fun part. Use a wide, shallow plastic tub, or a big plastic tray and set up your play scene. You could make a construction scene with diggers and dump trucks, a farm yard with all the different animals, or just let your plastic dolls romp in the mud. We set up a farmyard and put mud on one side and instant oats as the animal food on the other side. You could even put some water in a dish in there as a pond.

3. Let them loose

Once the scene is all set up, it’s time to have fun. The animals can roll in the mud, and eat some food, and have a swim, and soon your kids will also realise that the mud tastes delicious.

4. Clean up time

Once everyone (toys and children) is filthy, it’s time to clean up. You can make it really fun with a big bubbly bucket of water (we love the Pure Beginnings bubbles), a scrubbing brush, a rinse bucket and a towel for drying or laying toys out in the sun. And of course, don’t forget to pop your kids in the bucket and clean them off too.

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