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Simple Colour Activities for Toddlers

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

There is really no reason to push children to learn their colours before they are interested or ready, but introducing the vocabulary into play situation is always good, and once they get it and are interested, it’s even more fun.

Colour scavenger hunt

This is one of our favourite activities and is really so simple. It is a lovely activity to do on a walk around the block or in the garden. It is slightly more challenging in winter though when there isn’t much colour on a nature walk or in the garden.

Take a piece of card and draw a few blocks on it, six to eight blocks will work well, depending on your child. Colour the blocks in different colours with a crayon or paints. Alternatively, you could cut out coloured blocks of paper and stick them on. You could prepare this before, or make it a whole activity of it's own.

Then head out into the garden and find objects that match the colours on the card and tape them onto the corresponding block. We found yellow, pink and purple flowers, brown soil, a green leaf and red berries.

Play dough cupcakes

When Lexi realised how exciting birthday parties, cakes, and cupcakes were, she learnt to love singing happy birthday, blowing out candles, and of course cake. So we made play dough cupcakes. This is another activity which works well for various age groups playing together.

I used my silicone muffin cups, but real cupcake papers will work too. Roll a ball as the cupcake and then go wild with the “icing” and decorations, and while you do it, you can chat about green icing and pinks balls and blue play dough. We stuck colourful beads in ours, and of course candles, which we had to light and blow out multiple times.

I spy with my little eye

This is a lovely game for once your child is a bit more confident with colours, but before they know how to spell. We play I spy with colours while we are driving. “I spy with my little eye, something that is green” - “grass, bushes, trees etc”. It’s a nice way to interact, great for teaching observation, and once they are a little older, a lovely way to introduce letters and sounds.

Colour books

There is nothing quite as great for learning as books, and there are so many wonderful books available which teach about colours. Again, at a young age, just introducing the colour words, and observing the colours is valuable.

Drawing together

Drawing together is another fun, low key way to chat about colours. “What colour car should we draw? How about a green one? You want this blue crayon? Ok, sure!”

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